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Tokyo Teppanyaki


Wow... it's been almost 2 years since my last post. To be honest, I thought I had no readership and gave up. Recently, I checked out of curiosity and lo and behold all the positive comments, inspiring me to restart the blog. Today, I don't have much time... well... haven't had much time since my baby was born in Jan last year, so I'll only post 1 very old experience, and see if I can find more time when the bub has gone to bed. Today I'll review Tokyo Teppanyaki. Honestly, this one is worth reviewing, since they're still doing deals very often.

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How I went there.

I'd been to Tokyo Teppanyaki a lot previous to my Groupon experience. I went as an a-la-carte customer with my wife numerous times as well as having their teppanyaki banquet as part of a company function. This time around, I took my extended family with me (wife, bub, grandparents, great grandparents) with the Groupon published on 9th December, 2011.

Primary offering

I feel the food here is nothing special, which raises the question of why I went back again and again over the years. Although the food is nothing special, it is also not bad at all. Their sashimi is well complemented by the freshly grated wasabi - something I am extremely fussy about. The meats were generally of good quality with sufficient marbling to ensure sufficient tenderness off the grill.

Primary Offering Score 07/10

Secondary offering

Service was fine, if a little slow on orders for tea refills. The teppanyaki "service" isn't everyone's cup of tea. I, for one, find some of it annoying (like catching eggs in your rice bowl). However, it is part and parcel of the experience, and some do enjoy it for entertainment value, so I'm not going to complain. I couldn't find anything specifically to complain about, but I don't think anything had the magical touch that was present at the likes of Flower Drum or Vue de Monde.

Secondary Offering Score 08/10


The full price is around the "1 hat" level. Honestly, it just doesn't feel special enough to justify the price. The main question that has to be answered here is - at this price point, what can I get elsewhere? Kenzan is at around the same price point, and their sashimi and sushi are far better. However, Kenzan don't do Teppanyaki (well, not the last time I went anyway). Tokyo Teppanyaki are somewhat cheaper than Koko. I can't think of a price comparable for Teppanyaki, so will give it an "average" mark, abeit in the upper region for delivering their product and service without a single major complaint.

Full-Price Score 06/10

The coupon value is really good. For what it delivers, I can't complain about it. However, the price point of the coupon is still rather high at $40 / pp, and not the kind of money I would be inclined to spend "because I can't be stuffed cooking, but want to eat something fulfilling".

Coupon Score 09/10

Coupon experience

No complaints here. Did I mention that I came here many times before this experience? I believe I did. I couldn't find a measurable difference in service or food delivery.

Coupon Experience Score 10/10

Overall recommendation.

Although I can't really complain about the food or service, I'll repeat that there's nothing "magical" about the place. The price point this restaurant sits at is quite a magical one though... where you're really looking at ~$100pp including drinks. That is a LOT to spend, and I would rather spend it at places like Cumulus Inc given the choice.

Full-Price Score 06/10

For $40 a head, you're not finding a better full priced meal. And with no discernible service delivery difference, I'm not going to deduct any marks off the coupon value score despite food and service not hitting 10.

Coupon Score 09/10

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